Admission for the academic year 2023-24 and reporting is going on

Principal's desk

Dr. Sourish Sanyal

From desk of the Head of the Institution:

The world today is facing many technological challenges and going through categorical changes due to unprecedented technological advancement within a very short span of time.AGEMC is offeringthree core courses namely CSE, ECE and EE and one course in the emerging field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). All the courses, especially the last one are undergoing through big changes in technology in the country and the globe at large, facing new challenges, successfully meeting them up and coming up with breakthrough findings. I assure all the aspirants with big dreams who are going to choose this College in the said fields that the Institution is well poised to offer great academic and thoroughly professional environment to proceed towards their goals. An engineering graduate is not only a pride and asset for our nation and world at large but also an agglomeration of multiple skills, aptitudes and potentials. The bouquet of coursesoffered by this college will opens up the horizon for the students. AI itself is a multi-disciplinary field which connects many core engineering branches. AI also is in the backdrop of emerging fields like Mechatronics; a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Science.Students with aspiration and dream for tall achievements are invited to opt for this Institution and make it a place of converting their dreams into reality. The institution will tirelessly strive to provide an environment for full growth of the students as innovators with extremely high moral values and professional ethics.