Admission for the academic year 2023-24 and reporting is going on


An Overview

Alipurduar Government Engineering and Management College, a dream project ofthe Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal is starting its journey from 2023-24, with three core branches namely B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering on the one hand and B.Tech in an emerging field, Artificial Intelligence on the other. The institution has a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure with 8 Smart Class rooms, advanced software, advanced laboratories to support new milestones of modern and cutting edge Technology, quality faculty members with extensive research work and good teaching ability.

Foliated with greenery from every corner, the College is nestled in awesome natural scenic beauty, just on the bank of Raidak-I river. The institution is located by the side of the National Highway 17 connecting Assam and West Bengal.
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About Us

The district of Alipurduarhas rich heritage,enriched by the mixed culture due to the presence of many communities and tribes and surrounded by natural beauty all around with pleasant climate.Thedistrict is the home of various ethnic local tribes like Rajbanshi, Rabha, Metch, Santhals, Madasia, Bodo, Toto & Oraons which makes the melting pot of cultures.

Alipurduaris bordered by Jalpaiguri in the west, Assam in the east and Cooch Behar in the south. the district shares international border with Bhutan in the north. The topography of the land is cut across by rivers, streams and hills, and covered with tea gardens and forests. Major rivers that run through the district are the Torsa, Raidak, Kaljani, Sankosh and Gadadhar.

Alipurduar Govt. Engineering and Management College (AGEMC) begins its academic journey from the academic year 2023-24 with approval from AICTE and affiliation from MaulanaAbulKalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal. This institution hasfour engineering streams - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE),Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Electrical Engineering (EE). The number of approved seats in B.Tech in CSE and AI are 30 each while B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering has 60 seats in each branch.

The four streams of Technology, offered by AGEMC are aligned to each other in shaping the future of society towards automation. Electrical Engineering is the mother Electronics and Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science and Engineering has revolutionised technology in modern society during the last three decades. Moreover, the stream, B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, to be taught for the first time in a Government Engineering college in West Bengal, is an emerging field of research and innovation aiming to equip machines with human like expertise and intelligence. The fast emerging fields like Synergy of Neuro-Fuzzy system, Chaos Theory, Soft Computing, Data Mining and Warehousing, Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing which are all sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence. In Electronics and Communication too, Optical Fiber and Microwave Links, Waveguides like Low-Loss and High-Speed Data Communication, Advanced Radar Technology, Launching of Satellites, Global Positioning System (GPS) has made this world a more comfortable and attractive place to live.

Our Vision

AGEMC strives to be the Torch-Bearerin the Country and Globe in its pursuit of knowledge and innovation in emerging fields of technology. The College aims to contribute substantially in meeting new Global Challenges in Technology and in other sectors. The State of the Art knowledge offered at affordable price will make the College a major player in advancement of Indian and global economy in attaining sustainable development and raising the standards of living, especially of the socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

Our Mission

  • To impart good quality education with deep-rooted fundamental knowledge and Technical Know-how by an well qualified experts.
  • To give hands on experiences and experimental skills in the new theories and concepts taught in the class room on a regular basis.
  • To develop aptitude for research and innovation among the students and teachers.
  • To instil high ethical and moral values for success in the professionalworld simultaneously with a passion to serve the weak and downtrodden.